Hello peeps
Hahahaha idk what im doing rn i think im gonna start blogging again *claps
I had so much in my mind for sure 

But i dont know where to start hahaha
Im not good at words like my friends but im trying to be cool in writing ok 
Hahahaha well at least im good in fantasies YAY 
But rn idk what to write act lol 

Tomorrow is christmas yet im not christian so i dont celebrate it hah
But tomorrow is my lovely qt grandma's birthday woohoo

Lets get it straight, 
Im a complicated girl 
I wanna be a energetic-fun type of person yet wanna be treated like a lady
Lol just like everyone else
I guess this blog is gonna be about what me, my life, my opinions idk

I guess thats all im wanna say for this first entry 
HAHAHAHAHA btw pls dont mind cse i laugh a lot 
Bye :)

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